Forthcoming [Art]

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Be Maker Be Happy. Spanish ed.
Amell, Carolina
978-84-16500-50-5 Hardback
Hardback 201705 144 p. illus.
Monsa Publications

Godai: Tanabe Chikuunsai IV and Tadayuki Minamoto. English ed.
Maezaki, Shinya (text)/Minamoto, Tadayuki (photo.)
978-88-7439-781-5 Hardback
Hardback 201705 128 p. 90 col.
Yale U.P.(5 Continents Editions)

Lalique: Glorious Glass, Magnificent Crystal. 8 vols.
Brumm, Veronique
978-88-7439-740-2 Boxed
Boxed 201705 416 p. 358 col.
Yale U.P.(5 Continents Editions)

Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. French ed.
978-2-37074-054-0 Hardback
Hardback 201705 240 p. 200 illus.

Polished to Perfection: Japanese Croisonne from the Collection of Donald K. Gerber and Susanne E. Sherry.
Singer, Robert T. et al.
978-3-7913-5614-3 Hardback
Hardback 201705 144 p. 140 col.
Prestel Publishing Ltd.

Precious Indian Weapons: And Other Princely Accoutrements.
Kaoukji, Salam
978-0-500-97080-5 Hardback
Hardback 201706 504 p. 551 illus., 550 in col.
Thames & Hudson