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An Academic Life: A Memoir.
Gray, Hanna Holborn
978-0-691-17918-6 Hardback
Hardback 201804 352 p. 33 b/w illus.
Princeton U.P.

Accidental and Intentional Exporters: Comparing Indonesian and Malaysian MSMEs.
Yean, Tham Siew & Tambunan, Tulus
978-981-4818-31-5 Paperback
Paperback 201803 34 p.

America's Lone Star Constitution: How Supreme Court Cases from Texas Shape the Nation.
Powe, Lucas A.
978-0-520-29781-4 Paperback Hardback
Paperback 201804 308 p.
Univ. of California Pr.

The Anime Ecology: A Genealogy of Television, Animation, and Game Media.
Lamarre, Thomas
978-1-5179-0450-0 Paperback Hardback
Paperback 201803 448 p.
Univ. of Minnesota Pr.

Antisocial Media: Anxious Labor in the Digital Economy.
Goldberg, Greg
978-1-4798-2190-7 Paperback Hardback
Paperback 201801 224 p.
New York U.P.

Behind the Book: Eleven Authors on Their Path to Publication.
Jones, Chris MacKenzie
978-0-226-40580-3 Paperback Hardback
Paperback 201803 224 p.
Univ. of Chicago Pr.

Big Is Beautiful: Debunking the Myth of Small Business.
Atkinson, Robert & Lind, Michael
978-0-262-03770-9 Hardback
Hardback 201804 368 p. 9 figures

Biography of an Idea: John Maynard Keynes and the General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money.
Felix, David
978-1-56000-149-2 Hardback Paperback
Hardback 1994 298 p.
Taylor & Francis(Routledge)

Blockchain and the Law: The Rule of Code.
De Filippi, Primavera & Wright, Aaron
978-0-674-97642-9 Hardback
Hardback 201804 250 p. 5 graphs
Harvard U.P.

Bombs Away: Militarization, Conservation, and Ecological Restoration.
Havlick, David G
978-0-226-54754-1 Hardback
Hardback 201804 208 p.
Univ. of Chicago Pr.